Our company

Located in an emblematic region of French gastronomy, DÉLIDESS is the specialist in premium desserts. With our products, we are dedicated to pass down the tradition of pastry and the know-how à la française.
Délidess is a company which is modern and dynamic, permanently searching for innovation. Our mission is to be constantly one step ahead of your expectations and amaze you.

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Thanks to our adapted production methods, we can make “customized offers”, and anticipate our client’s needs’ as well as market expectations.
We carry out tests in our laboratory and so we can offer you custom-made recipes.

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We offer simple recipes using quality raw ingredients that have been carefully selected, with an emphasis on local and natural ingredients.
We go further and we produce our own fruit products or our biscuits for crumbles et desserts.



We make use of an adapted process to satisfy all needs and offer pastry with a “home-made” taste.
We develop new recipes and improve the nutritional characteristics of our products, using ingredients that are even more sustainable both for nature and society.

Our history

Passionate about the gastronomic culture of our region, its sense of conviviality, as well as our love for quality products, we had the craving to create Délidess in 2009, a company that would reflect these values. We offer you authentic and gourmet desserts without preservatives inspired by traditional recipes and prepared with the use of carefully selected ingredients.
Our ambition is to arouse the same emotion as when you enjoy a tasty home-made dessert.

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DÉLIDESS in a few data


Laurent Boisserie & Pascal Faidy create Délidess.

2010 to 2013

The company develops fast, and innovation is already at the heart of our thinking about the creation of new product lines (Tartelettes, Cheesecakes, Financiers, etc.)


An important year which marked a turning point of our company with the creation of our desserts like Black Chocolate Mousse or Raspberry Bavarois and Mango-Passion Fruit Bavarois.

2014 to 2016

Creation of new product lines like our dessert glasses (Royal Chocolate, Banoffee, Chocolate with Salted Caramel), continuous improvement
Introduction of a freezing process of our products for some of our clients (GMS, Caterers, Food Tech.).

2016 to 2019

The construction of our new production site (3500 m²) which has enabled us to continue offering an increasingly wide range of desserts.

2020 à 2024

New packaging (family jars) to satisfy the most demanding palates. Expansion of our site to 7,500m² and start-up of new workshops and production lines.


With the creation of our new production site, we confirm our commitment to turn towards the future.
We pursue a strategy to train our employees and make them loyal to the company which enables us to work with qualified staff ready to give the best of themselves to guarantee the optimal quality of our products (in-house training, welcoming many apprentices, trainees, etc.)
Our ambition is to constantly evolve and improve our production capacities, all that with respect to our environment (green electricity, recovery of rainwater, terminals for electric cars, composters, revegetation…)


  • 100% green electricity
  • Recovery of rainwater
  • Terminals for electric cars
  • Composters
  • Recycling of our waste (cardboard sorting, anaerobic digestion of our organic waste)
  • 100% use of PEFC-certified cardboard for our packaging
  • 4,000m² of photovoltaic panels on our roofs

The benefits of Délidess


Our desserts are made based on well-known recipes

Careful selection of ingredients

Without preservatives, GMO-free, without flavourings or artificial colourings


Packaged in a single box

Packaged in small batches and presented in a printed cardboard box

Adapted for modern consumption


The same quality is assured across the shelf-life of our products.

The total shelf-life is long: from 25 to 35 days after production.


Possibility of a customized offer (developing recipes, packaging)

Anticipating new trends (possibility of developing desserts that are products of organic farming, vegetarian or vegan pastry, possible use of free-range eggs, Fair Trade ingredients, etc.)

Our expertise


Our recipes:
We have been working on original recipes or recipes based on French gastronomic culture.

  • New sensations: combination of different textures in most of our desserts (crunchy, crispy, oozing, frothy, spongy, etc.)
  • More sophisticated tastes: we have removed or replaced (concentrated) flavourings. In case this wasn’t possible, we have used exclusively natural flavourings
  • Manufacturing of some of our inputs: fruit products, biscuits, sponge cakes, etc. 
  • Use of original ingredients: Sicilian lemon, West African chocolate 
  • Particular recipes: Organic, Vegan, Fair Trade, etc.

To surprise you and offer you the best, we focus on innovation, following the trends to be always one step ahead. For example, in 2018 we made an important innovation in our fresh products and created our “VEGGY” chocolate mousse, fully aligned with current trends.

Our equipment:
Thanks to our production facilities, we have great flexibility in carrying out our recipes.

6 production lines for:
• Baked multi-layered desserts with the option of two separate baking processes
• Fluffy desserts and unbaked desserts, multi-layered, with the possibility of decoration

1 Biscuit shop floor for:
The making of intermediary products for other shop floors 

To export our products, we have the possibility to make them fresh, or, if the delivery times are too long, we can also freeze them (within our in-house cold storage room).

A professional partner:
We care to satisfy our clients and to ensure the food security of our products.

  • Our certified plant complies with the IFS V7 higher level, HACCP and ECOCERT standards for products of organic farming and vegan products)
  • In-house microbiological analysis laboratory



Traditionnal pastry


Pastry inspired by other countries




Organic and Veggy Pastry


Dairy products




Traditionnal pastry


Pastry inspired by other countries




Organic and Veggy Pastry